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We receive many duplicate questions. Please use the Search before you ask a question.

Directions: In the Search bar below, type a key word, a word that is likely to be prominent or unique to your question. Then click on the Search button. The Search works best if you type only one word.

Examples of Key Words:

  • If you want to ask about the sentence He suggests that she borrow a necklace... type borrow or necklace (not both).
  • If you want to ask whether Sudan should be the Sudan, type Sudan.
  • If you want to ask about question tags, type tag.
  • If you want to ask about something on a particular page, for example, Sec 2 WB page 67, type page.
  • If you want to ask about the present perfect, type present perfect.
  • If you want to ask the difference between two phrases, type difference. If you want to ask about the difference between two words, type one of the words, for example, historic or historical (not both).

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