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Hello English for Secondary Schools

Hello! English for Secondary Schools is a three-stage standard-based communicative English course for students in the Secondary stage.

Hello! English for Secondary Schools reviews and builds on the language and skills which students have learnt in the Primary and Preparatory stages. It also introduces students to important new areas of vocabulary and continues to develop their language skills. They also gain further practice in the functional use of the English language, thereby preparing themselves for further academic studies.

Special attention is paid to the following areas:

  • Reading focus: Students are exposed to a variety of literary texts from various genres.
  • Language focus: These sections cover known and new grammar, encouraging students to increase their language awareness.
  • Dictionary work: Students develop their study skills by using the extensive resources in the Longman Active Study Dictionary.
  • Critical thinking: Students are encouraged to think critically through problem-solving activities related to the reading texts.
  • Communication: These activities give students the opportunity to practise and develop their speaking and writing skills.


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