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In the Prep 3 novel "Journey to the Centre of the Earth," why is the title of the novel "Journey..." and not "A Journey..."?
Sender ali
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In titles of books we often use a special type of language called block language. We also use block language in other discourse functions such as labels, titles, newspaper headlines, headings, notices, and advertisements. These messages are usually not sentences but consist of a noun, noun phrase, or nominal clause. We rarely need verbs and words that have low-information value, such as the articles, so these are often omitted. Not all book titles omit the article, but it is commonly done.

You can read more about block language in A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language (Quirk et al.) pages 845ff and about the language of headlines in Practical English Usage (Michael Swan) pages 211ff.
ed 24/08/11


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