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How can I write a letter and an e-mail?

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You might be asked to write a personal letter or a personal e-mail on the exam. You will be given the name of the person you are writing to and your name. Do not use your real name on the exam. You do not need to give an address in the letter or e-mail. 

For a personal letter, write the date in the upper right corner. (The date is optional on the exam, but it is usual to put it in a letter.) Start the letter one or two lines below that, with Dear (name), and then the body of the letter. The test should tell you the subject of the letter or e-mail. We usually begin personal letters and e-mails with questions or comments about the person we are writing to, such as How are you? I hope everything is well.
At the end, one or two lines below the last line of text, write Best wishes, (or a similar closing) and then write your name (not your real name but the one given in the directions).
An e-mail is similar, but in a real e-mail you don't need to put the date because the system will do that. In a real e-mail you put the person's e-mail address in the To line, and the system will put your e-mail address in the From line. In a real e-mail you should put the topic of the e-mail in the Subject line. This is important because people often don't have time to read all their e-mail, so they need to know what it's about so they can decide whether to read it immediately or later. Also, an e-mail without a subject might contain a computer virus, so many people delete such e-mails without reading them.
On the exam you don't need to write To: (name), From: (name), Subject: (subject of e-mail). The body of the e-mail is all you need.
There are examples of personal letters and e-mails in the textbooks:
Sec 1 SB pages 15, 18, 105, 120; WB pages 12, 98, 106, 109
Sec 2 SB pages 35, 90; formal business letter page 45; WB pages 28, 31, 102; formal e-mail page 98
Sec 3 WB pages 8, 40, 74, 90, 102
See here for advice about writing paragraphs, and here for advice on essays.
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