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The Sec 3 WB tests on this website still have questions on The Mask of Gold. I wish you could include questions on The Prisoner of Zenda.
Sender Salah Mahmoud
Position Head teacher

If you are referring to the practice tests in the WB, the TG has not been updated online. However, the WB practice test questions for the reader are included in the Answer Key, which is online in the TG section. This has been asked three times in the last week, and the question and answer are in the Q&A box on the homepage (under the Resources for Teachers box).

If you are referring to the practice tests on the website, these were updated in September. If you are still seeing the older version, your broswer must have cached the older version. Clear your browser history or (on a PC) hold down Control and hit F5. The updated practice tests should then appear.
ed. 14/01/13


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Sender  Mohammad
Senior Master (A)

I have the same problem of being unable to get the updated online copy of practice tests for 2nd year (Gulliver's Travels). However, I don't have the same problem with practice tests in 1st year or 3rd year. What should I do?

Editor's reply:

If you have cleared your browser's history and you still have the problem, try opening the page (the test you want to look at) and hit Refresh. You might have to do this repeatedly until you get the new version. You could also try opening in another browser. Instead of Firefox, for example, use Explorer.


Sender  hassan

I just want to know how to open the practice tests for Sec 3.

Editor's reply:

Go to the Home Page. At the top, hold the mouse on General Edu until the dropdown menu appears. Then go to Students, then to Third Year, then to Practice Tests.


Sender  Saeed Omran
Head Teacher

The Sec 2 WB tests on this website still have questions on The Spiders. I wish you would include questions on Gulliver's Travels.

Editor’s reply:
In the Teacher’s Guide online, there are two other files — Term 1 Prac Tests 2012 and Term 2 Prac Tests 2012. These have the questions and answers for the new novels. The answers are in the separate Answer Key - Gulliver’s Travels. If you don’t see those files, try erasing your browser history, or use a different browser.

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