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I have trouble spelling English. What can I do?
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Your original question was written like this: I have a porblem in speling what can I do? 

In the ten words of your original sentence, two were spelled wrong. That means you spelled 8 of them, or 80%, correctly. I think probably that your first spelling mistake there — porblem instead of problem — was a simple typing mistake. You hit the two keys in the wrong order. This is a common typing mistake, especially if you are touch-typing fast. (You also had punctuation mistakes, but those are not at issue now.)
There are several things you can do to improve your spelling.
First, learn some of the rules of spelling. These don’t always work, but they are a good start. Some of the more common ones are on our Preparatory website here
You probably have some idea already which words you have trouble with. Make a list of them and work on them. Use the following learning tips, and apply these tips to new words too.
1. Look at a word carefully and say it aloud. If you’re not sure of the pronunciation, check a dictionary or try an online dictionary that gives you the pronunciation. Some websites let you choose British or American pronunciation.
2. Say the word aloud again as you look at it. This time look for any unusual spellings such as silent letters or letters that are not pronounced in the usual way. (For example, the ch in chef is pronounced like sh in shelf. Don’t spell chef as s-h-e-f.)
3. What is the root of the word? Does it have any prefixes or suffixes? Was a letter kept, changed, doubled, or dropped before the suffix? What are the related words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)? Are there any changes in letters between words in the same family?
4. Spell the word aloud as you look at it. Cover the word with your hand and spell it aloud again. Check your spelling.
5. Write the word ten times as you say it in your head. I suggest you also practice typing the new word ten times, especially if you are learning to touch-type. Writing is a motor skill, and writing a word and typing it repeatedly will help you learn to spell it. (If you are a good typist, you can often feel when you have mistyped a word because you know your fingers have hit the keys in the wrong order.)
6. When you have a list of new words to learn, study them as described above. Then after a few hours or the next day, ask someone to “test” you. Have a parent, sibling, or friend ask you the words and see if you can write them correctly. If you don’t have someone to help and you have an mp3 player or a computer, you can make an audio recording of the new words. Allow a few seconds between each word. Play back the recording and write them, then check your work.
If you write learning how to spell in English or a similar phrase in a search engine, you will find other advice and even exercises.
See here about silent letters and here about P and B.
ed. 29/12/12


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