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While he was playing football, he broke his leg. Rewrite with “during”. Do we say: “During playing football, he broke his leg”? But “during” is followed by a noun, so what is the best answer here?
Sender sara
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During is a preposition, so it must be followed by a noun, a noun phrase, or a pronoun. Unlike most prepositions, during cannot usually be followed by a gerund (playing), so you have to insert a noun in the sentence.

During a football match ...

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ed. 14/10/12


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Sender  sara

Thanks, but what about if we can’t insert a noun in the sentence?: While he was running, he fell out. Do we say here “During running, he fell out” or what?

Editor’s reply:
No, you can’t say During running. The sentence can’t be rewritten with during. You could say During the race, but there is nothing in the original sentence to say he was racing, so I would not consider it a correct rewrite.
By the way, you can’t fall out while running. You can fall down.

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