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In Prep 3 WB, Unit 5, page 16, Ex 2 (b), in the TG on page 53, the answer is “Yes, it will rain soon.” But in other WBs “will” has been changed to “going to”. Are both answers correct? If so, please explain when to use each one.

Sender M.Y.
Position Teacher

The correct answer is going to. This was corrected in recent reprints. Some of your students must have older printings.


ed. 19/11/11



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Sender  Ashraf Amin
English Teacher ; Suez Canal Authority Schools ; Suez)

“Yes, it will rain soon” is correct if I arbitrarily expect that it will rain but without evidence now. “Yes, it is going to rain soon” is correct in weather forecasting, which must use “is going to” because there is evidence now that must lead to the rain.

Editor’s reply:
The question above was about a particular sentence in the Prep book, and in that sentence going to is the correct choice. There is a picture of two crocodiles looking at dark clouds in the sky: evidence of something that is about to happen.
I agree that we might sometimes say it will rain soon, but I doubt that such a statement would be totally arbitrary. Soon in this case might be days or weeks from now.
It is not correct to say that weather forecasts have to use going to. Both will and going to are used. Often the announcer will say something like “It’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. The high will be ..., the low at night will be ....” This is because repeatedly saying going to is a bit tedious. See Future forms in the Archives for more.

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