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Characters (in order of mention)
Rudolf Rassendyll     
Rose Rassendyll Countess Burlesdon
Robert Rassendyll Lord Burlesdon
Sir Jacob Borrodaile  
Countess Amelia Rassendyll      
Rudolf Elphberg Rudolf the Fifth
George Featherly      
Bertram Bertrand      
Antoinette de Mauban     
Duke Michael Elphberg the Duke of Strelsau
Lord Topham      
Johann Holf     
Colonel Sapt     
Fritz von Tarlenheim       
Marshal Strakencz


Princess Flavia    
Max Holf      
De Gautet      
Rupert Hentzau    
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The Alps  
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 accent a way of pronouncing words that someone has because of where they were born or live    
ambassador an important official that a government sends to another country to manage its relations with that country    
anxious very worried about something that may happen    
authority the power or right to make important decisions and control people    
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betray to behave dishonestly towards someone who loves you, trusts you, or supports you, or do something that will cause problems for them    
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candle a stick of wax that you burn to produce light    
care (about) to be concerned about or interested in someone or something    
cheer to shout approval, encouragement etc.    
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very pleased and excited about something

descendant someone who is related to a person who lived long ago    
document a piece of paper that has official information written on it    

someone who looks very similar to someone else

doubt the feeling that something is not true or that someone cannot be trusted    
drawbridge a bridge that can be pulled up, for example to prevent people getting into a castle    
duty something that you have to do because it is right or it is part of your job    
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embassy the building where a group of officials deal with their country’s affairs in a foreign country    
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fashionably in a way that is popular or thought to be good at a particular time    
fork a place where a road or river divides into two parts    
French window

a large glass door

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gap a space between two things    

when someone has broken a law

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hunting the activity of chasing animals in order to catch and kill them    
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imprisoned put in prison or kept in a place someone cannot escape from    
iron a common heavy metal    
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joyous making people very happy    
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lean to move or bend your body in a particular position    

a place in the country where people can stay for a short time, especially in order to do an outdoor activity

loyal always faithful to a person, set of beliefs, or country    
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mansion a very large house    
miracle an action or event that seems impossible and is thought to be caused by God    
moan a long low sound made by someone who is in pain or very unhappy    

a deep wide hole, usually filled with water, that is dug around a castle in order to defend it

moreover used when you give additional information which supports something that you have just said    
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nevertheless in spite of what has just been mentioned    
nonsense statements or opinions that are not true or seem very stupid    
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panel a piece of wood, glass etc that is part of a door, wall or ceiling    
passage a narrow area with walls on each side, that connects one room or place to another    
personality someone’s character, especially the way they behave towards other people    
pulse the regular beat made by your heart when it is moving blood around your body    
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relieved happy because something bad did not happen or you are no longer worried about something    
reluctantly in a way that shows you are unwilling to do something    

the possibility that something bad may happen

royal relating to or belonging to a king or queen    
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shade an area that is less warm and darker because the light of the sun cannot reach it    
signature your name written the way you usually write it, for example on a cheque    
spade a tool with a long handle and a wide flat part at the end used for digging    
splendid very good    
stab to push a knife into someone    

the situation when neither side in an argument, battle etc can make progress or win


to look at someone or something for a long time without moving your eyes


a weapon with a long sharp blade and a handle


someone who is trained to use a sword

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tear   /   tore   /   torn

to pull paper or cloth into pieces, or accidentally make a hole in it


if a clock or watch ticks, it makes a short sound every second


physically strong and not easily frightened


a trick that is intended to catch someone or make them do something that they do not want to do


to believe that someone is honest and will not lie to you or harm you

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to say something very quietly to someone, so that other people cannot hear

whistle to make a high sound or tune by blowing air out through your lips    

behaving in a way that is morally very bad; evil

wonder to think about something and want to know why it is true, what happened, etc  
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